Xamance, it is a story of passion!

thomas henry matthieu jacquier

Xamance founders

Thomas Henry & Matthieu Jacquier, two engineers having in common a passion for computers and information system, take up the challenge to simplify the way we think about storage. To achieve this goal, they founded the company Xamance in 2004 and are now devoted to develop solutions based on one principle: “1 button to file, 1 click to retrieve.”

Xamance’s job

Publisher of innovative and pragmatic observer of the evolution of digital technologies and their practical applications in the field of management and information processing, Xamance develops solutions that help customers and partners to enjoy the benefits of dematerialization or GED at reasonable costs wherever the paper is still essential

Xamance, hybrid solutions

Through its innovations and products, Xamance shows that we can both benefit from the flexibility of the computer tool (easy and fast for sending files, software integration, information system, data index…) and both durability and legal value of the hard paper document. Xamance invented Xambox, the very first solution that lets you retrieve your documents without any previous classification.

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Pierre-Laurent Bonnet


After an experience with PepsiCo and Areva, Pierre-Laurent (ESSEC) joined Xamance in 2009 to manage the financial department and sustain the project. He also handles logistical and legal aspects.
His passions: Xambox, photography and football.

Marc Imbaud

Technical Director

Marc (Central Lyon) began his career in 2001 in the GED (Ennov) and went on to the SSII (Sopra Group) before joining Xamance in 2007. He is director of the R & D department for Xamance.
His passions: Xambox, the Solex and Karaoke.

Alexandre Saiseau

Director of Partnerships

After 15 years of experience in sales and business development at SAP integrators, he joined the team in 2010 to carry out commercial and technical partnerships. Few years back he was an entrepreneur and created a company producing a digital pen.
His passions: Xambox, tennis and star wars

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pierre-laurent bonnet

marc imbaud

alexandre saiseau