Security and confidentiality : Our Serenity pact.

With the Serenity pact, Xambox commits itself to your serenity!


1 - Your data is treated confidentially.

At Xambox, your data is treated confidentially. It is protected by very high level anti-intrusion and confidentiality security measures including, in particular, SSL encrypted data transfers and hosting of your data in ultra-secure data centres. And connection traceability means you can be confident your data will remain confidential. Furthermore, Xambox is a "made in France" service, is administered by an entirely French company, and is hosted in Europe, thus covered by European law.


2 - Your data is secure.

At Xambox, your data is secure. No risk of document loss. We have implemented advanced, anti-data-loss and continuity of service security measures. For example, we back up your documents regularly and redundantly in ultra-secure data centres. But above and beyond simply stating this, our security measures are tested via our partners' security audits.


3 - No long-term commitment.

At Xambox you are not held hostage by the service. You can stop using the service and easily retrieve all your documents at any time, whenever you wish.


4 - Your data is preserved for the duration.

At Xambox your data is permanently preserved, for as long as you hold an account with us. Xambox has been in existence for over ten years, which is testament to its longevity. And even if Xambox should ever cease functioning, it has put a facility in place that will enable you to retrieve all your documents.


5 - Your data can be accessed at any time.

At Xambox, you can access your documents at any time using a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet with a connection to the internet. Xambox ensures optimum service quality and very high availability rates, greater than 99% outside planned maintenance periods. There is a dedicated team to monitor the quality and availability of the service.

6 - None of your data is sold on to third parties.

At Xambox, and as specified in our General Terms of Use, none of your data is sold on to third parties: your data belongs to you!


7 - A customer service that is available and ready to listen to you.

At Xambox, you will always find someone available to respond to your requests, working to a targeted response time of less than 24 hours. We are also keen to hear your suggestions for improvements and new features, and we are continuing to develop the service, with new versions released every two to three months on average.




Above and beyond these commitments, Xambox is a recognised player in the market, with partners of high repute. Xambox is a founding member of the A-CFN (Association des Coffres Forts Numériques – Association of Digital Vaults) and of the association Agoralink, which is concerned with corporate digital strategy. Xambox has received numerous prizes and awards for its services and innovations (RIAO Pittsburgh, IT'Night, (NAPO) National Association of Professional Organizers, PMup, Agence Régionale de Développement (Regional Development Agency), Fing, SFR Jeunese Talents, Best Small Business Service Word Communication Award 2013, and others).