Collect all your documents together and centralise them, wherever they are.

Letters, bills/invoices, contracts, emails... Paper or electronic... Save time – Xambox centralises your documents for you.

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Secure your documents.

Your documents are secure in your Xambox. No more risk of document loss. Gain peace of mind – Xambox is committed to the Serenity pact.

Find your documents again in a click.

The Xambox search engine automatically extracts the text of your documents.  You can find your documents again using a simple keyword search.

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Manage and share your files easily.

Share your documents via simple links. Provide shared access to third parties (your insurer, accountant, etc.). Create alerts and notes for administrative purposes.

Mobile applications.

Find your documents again and consult them on the go. 

Add documents by photographing them with your mobile phone in real-time.

What our clients think about it.

  • Joel, 27, Lawyer.

    "I configured a collector to retrieve my online bills from my mobile provider. In a matter of seconds, I'd received my whole billing history in my Xambox. Impressive."

  • Leila, 36, Retailer.

    "I've become an addict. I save 20 minutes each day because I no longer have to search for my documents when I need them. I've been extremely impressed with the search engine. Very powerful!"

  • Marc, 47, Chartered Accountant.

    "My clients give me access to their invoices through Xambox. All that's left for me to do is process them as required. I save time, and they do too!"

  • Anne, 54, Carer.

    "My mother scans her documents, which are then shared in Xambox in a click. I access them from my mobile phone then take care of the rest in order to help her. It's ideal when it comes to helping her with her personal admin."

  • Alain, 66, Retired.

    "I've digitalised all my important papers – pension, insurance policies, banking, etc. – and put it all in Xambox. I have peace of mind now."

Security and confidentiality:
our Serenity pact.

They have confidence in us.

  • Distributors, scanner manufacturers, software publishers, service providers – there are numerous organisations working hand in hand with Xambox.