Collect your bills.

Your bills are automatically uploaded to your Xambox.

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Store and secure your documents.

The safest place for your documents both paper and electronic.

Retrieve without searching.

One click to retrieve your documents from a computer or a mobile device.

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Share your documents.

Share your document with a link or share a whole folder.

Mobile applications.

Find and view your documents on the go. 

Add documents by taking pictures from your mobile on the fly.

What our clients say about Xambox.

  • Joel, 27, Lawyer.

    “I configured a collector to have my telecom operator’s bill online. In few seconds, I received all my historical in my Xambox. Amazing.”

  • Leila, 35, Trader.

    “I became addicted. I win 20 minutes per day by not looking for my documents when I need them. I have been bluffed by the search engine. Really powerful! “

  • Marc, 47, Chartered Accountant.

    "My clients bring me their bills available on Xambox, I just have to deal with on the fly. I save time, them as well!”

  • Anne, 54, Caregiver.

    "I win a lot of time by using this service. I can file all documents I want and I find them easily. I love Xambox."

  • Alain, 66, Retired.

    “I scanned all my important papers, retirement, insurance contracts, bank, etc… and I put them all on Xambox. Now I’m relax.”

Security and Privacy :
Our security pact.

They trust Xambox.

  • Distributors, scanner manufacturers, software editors...